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Reading Lists in Canvas

Information supporting the use of the Reading List app in Canvas.

Managing notifications

After you have Sent your list to the Library, it is important that you check your notifications for any updates. Notifications are located at the top right-hand corner of your Reading List beside your initials as a bell icon with a number.

You will receive notifications for different types of activity on your Reading List from collaborators, your students, and librarians.

For example, ‚Äčnotifications are generated when a student comments or recommends resources to you, from the Library when a digitisation request is complete or advice is needed from you, or when a collaborator adds or deletes a citation.

By default, you will receive a daily email of the previous day's activity. You can opt-out of email notifications in your profile settings by following the instructions below:

1. Go to your profile and select User settings.
2. Under Notifications, de-select Receive notifications by email and SAVE

Notifications from the Library

Should you wish to respond to a notification that you received from the Library: