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Reading Lists @RMIT

This guide is designed to provide support and information when creating a Reading List.

Video - Setting up a Reading List

This video explains what a Reading List is and how you can add the LTI to your Canvas course. Learn how to create and add Collaborators to a Reading List, along with how to use 'cite it' and add and remove sections from a Reading List.

Reading Lists: 1. Setting Up (3:50 mins), RMIT Library Teaching & Research, Microsoft Stream (RMIT login required)

Adding the Reading List LTI to Canvas

1.   Log into your Canvas course. Select Settings at the bottom of your course navigation menu.

2.   On the Settings screen, select the Navigation tab at the top of the screen.

3.   Find the Reading List tool in the bottom list of disabled navigation items.
You can drag and drop the Reading List tool into the enabled list.
Alternatively, select the Edit icon next to Reading List, and select Enable.
Position the Reading List tool directly below Assignments as an ideal location easily visible to students.
4.   Select > Save

Creating a Reading List in Canvas

  1. Select Reading List from the Canvas navigation menu
  2. Select the Create It button
  3. Create a Title for the List. The title can be edited or changed after the Reading List has been created.
  4. Add a description – This is optional. The description can be edited or changed after the Reading List has been created.
  5. Select the Create button
  6. Select a Template.  If you select the Blank template you will be able to stylise your own list.

Selecting a Reading List template

Setting up the style of your Reading List.

  • Use the RMIT Template 12 Week Sections Template or
  • Recommended text and 12- weekly template or
  • Create your own

TIP: Reading Lists are divided into Sections, give each section a meaningful title that will help students in navigating through the list. An example being Supplementary Readings, Recordings, Week 1, Topic 1.

Creating your own style

  • Select the Blank Template to create your style template.

Add Collaborators to a Reading List

Collaborators have editing rights to a list and are able to add resources to the list.

Collaborators could be Library staff, sessional staff, learning designers, or teaching colleagues. 

  1. Select Collaborators in the top right
  2. Select Manage collaborators
  3. Type the name of the collaborator in the 'Invite new collaborators' box
  4. Select the name of the collaborator
  5. Select Send invitation

Collaborators can be assigned editing rights or can be an ‘owner’ of the list.

  • Owner rights – allows the management of resources and to add or remove collaborators
  • Editing rights - allows the management of resources in the list, including adding items to a list
  1. Select Manage collaborators
  2. Select the drop-down menu to the right of the collaborator's name and select the role (owner or editing rights).
  3. Select Send invitation