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Reading Lists in Canvas

Information supporting the use of the Reading List app in Canvas.

Duplicating an existing list

Duplicating a Reading List allows you to reuse and build on an existing list. Any changes you make to the new list, won’t be reflected in the original. This is especially useful for using the original list in similar courses. 

However, if you are re-using the list from a previous semester for the same course, use the Rollover method.  

In the Reading List that you wish to copy, select Duplicate List.

Now in Lists, you will see the copy of the list, as evidenced by the number (1) in brackets after the title. You can edit the duplicated list by changing the name and details, however, this will not change the content or details of the original. The next step is to manage the course association of the new list to link it to the new course code/name.

Associate the new list

Go to the Edit options and select Manage course association.

Enter the course code beside Look Up Course. Select the appropriate course code from the drop-down menu. 

Then select Associate and Close.

If your course code cannot be found, this may mean that the data has not been identified or supplied to the Library. In this case, contact the Library's Online Learning & Teaching team.

Export and import a file and associate to a course

You can export a reading list as a back-up for future reference, allowing you to import your list if it is accidentally deleted. It is also useful if you need to share the file with another instructor for another course.

In the Canvas course with the existing reading list, select Reading List from the menu. Then select the ellipsis next to Edit on top right-hand side.

Under Export, select To .lgn file. Save this file to your downloads folder.

Now that you have saved the .lgn file to your downloads folder, go to the Canvas course where the list is to be added, select Reading List. Go to Lists, located on top left-hand side of screen under the RMIT logo. Click on + New List

Select Import .lgn file

Choose the file that you saved previously or drag the file to the Import .lgn File pane.Give your reading list a name.

Select Confirm to finalise importing the reading list.

After selecting your preferred template, click Associate List.

Search for your course by entering the course name or code

Select your course

Check the data is correct, and select Associate and Close.

Video on creating additional lists