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Reading Lists in Canvas

Information supporting the use of the Reading List app in Canvas.

Video - Adding items to a Reading List

This video explains how to add items to a Reading List, how to request digitisation of material and how to add public notes with instructions for students.

Reading Lists: 2. Adding items (2:14 mins), RMIT Library Teaching & Research, Microsoft Stream (RMIT login required)

Add resources to a list - LibrarySearch

  1. Select the ADD ITEMS + button.
  2. Enter your search terms or keywords into the 'Enter search criteria' box.
  3. Select item(s) from the search results. You can drag and drop the items into the list, or select an item and use the ADD function.

Adding an ebook chapter from LibrarySearch

Adding a chapter from an ebook

  1. Select the Add Items +  button.
  2. Search for the chapter title.
  3. Select the chapter from the search results and click Add.
  4. Select Save.


Reading Lists: Adding e-book chapters (4:23 mins), RMIT Library Teaching & Research, Microsoft Stream (RMIT login required)


If the ebook chapter is not in LibrarySearch

  1. Select the Add Items +  button.
  2. Search for the book title.
  3. Select the book from the search results and select Add & Edit.

  4. Change the Item Type to Book Chapter
  5. Add the Chapter Title as well as chapter details (e.g. chapter number, page numbers).
  6. Add Source
    To locate the URL for the ebook chapter:
    Go to LibrarySearch, locate and view online the ebook
    Select the desired chapter
    Look for a link icon or the word 'permalink'
    Copy the URL and paste it into the source field
  7. Select Save.

Next, if you wish only the ebook chapter link to be visible on the Reading List, then:

  • select the item so that Links & Availability shows
  • the last link is the one to the ebook chapter
  • to hide the other links select the ellipsis dots and hide link

TIP: For linking to Library e-resources directly from the Item Source field, use the Link Generator

Requesting digitisation of a book chapter

  1. Select the Add Items +  button.
  2. Search for the book title.
  3. Select the book from the search results and select Add & Edit.
  4. Change the Item Type to Book Chapter, and add the chapter details (i.e. chapter title, chapter author, chapter number, page numbers).
  5. Select Save.
  6. In the Reading List, select Add Tags to Item.
  7. Select Digitise from the drop-down menu.
  8. Select Save.
  9. Send the item to the Library so that it can be scanned and added to the eReserve collection.

Add internet resources - Cite It

Installing 'Cite It'

You will need to add the Cite It widget to your browser bookmarks bar.  

  • In the top right corner of a Reading List select your initials
  • Select Cite It



  • Drag the Cite It button into your browser bookmarks bar

Adding items using 'Cite It'

  • Locate the item/reading, video you wish to add to your list in a new browser window.
  • Select the Cite It button  on your bookmarks bar 
  • Add missing referencing or citation information in the pop-up window
  • Select the list you'd like to add the item/reading to
  • Select Add & Close


HBR articles in Reading Lists

HBR articles may be added to a Reading List using two methods:

Option 1: If the article is findable in LibrarySearch

  1. In Reading Lists, select ADD ITEMS + icon.
  2. Search for the article in LibrarySearch.
  3. Once selected, add to the appropriate section of the Reading List.
  4. Select ADD.

Option 2: If the article is findable in EBSCOhost Business Source Complete

  1. Locate the article in EBSCOhost Business Source Complete.
  2. In Reading Lists, select ADD ITEMS + icon and select Create.
  3. In the edit panel select Type: Article and manually add details (e.g. article title, authors, journal title, publication date, volume, issue and page numbers.)
  4. From the EBSCOhost Business Source Complete record select the permalink and copy.
  5. In Reading Lists paste the URL into the URL field.
  6. Choose the appropriate section of the Reading List.
  7. Select ADD.

Note: You should not link to articles directly from the public website because there is a limit to the number of articles you can access for free and your students may meet a paywall.

More information about using HBR articles in Canvas is available from the Library resources in Canvas guide.

Add resources from My Collection

You must have items in your Collection

  1. Select the Add Items + button
  2. Select My Collection
  3. Select the item/reading to add to your list from the collection
  4. Choose a section or week to add the item to
  5. Select Add

To add items to My Collection

  1. Select the Add items + button
  2. Enter your search terms or keywords
  3. Select the item and use the Add function.

You can also add items/reading to My Collection when adding items using the Cite It function.

Readings lists My Collection (3:49 min) by RMIT Library Teaching and Research (YouTube)