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Reading Lists in Canvas

Information supporting the use of the Reading List app in Canvas.

Export references from your Reading List to Endnote

Citations from your Reading List can be exported by students into EndNote. This allows students to easily add resources to an assignment reference list in any required referencing style (for example, RMIT Harvard or APA).

Have your EndNote program open first.

From Canvas, go to Reading List and open your Reading List:

Go to Edit … From the drop-down menu, select Export> To EndNote

This downloads an enw file (for example LegantoEndNote) to your Downloads folder on your computer.

In EndNote, open your new file/library.

Select Import (down arrow) in the blue toolbar.     

Select Choose. Find the enw file from the download folder from your computer and select it, then Import.

You will find your recently added references from the Reading List in the "Recently Added" section of your EndNote Library.

Import references from EndNote Desktop to your Reading List

Citations from your EndNote Library can be transferred to a Reading List that you are creating.

In EndNote, highlight the references you wish to add to Reading Lists and select File > Export>
Name your file and make sure it ends in .ris

The Save as type option can stay as a Text File, but you will need to change the Output style to RefMan (RIS) Export.
Using the drop-down menu beside Output Style, choose Select Another Style.

Find and select RefMan(RIS) Export.

 Then select Save.

In Canvas, select your Reading List section OR start a new Reading List by selecting the 12-week template. 
If using the 12-week template, select the three ellipses next to a blank week, for example, Week 2. 
From the drop-down menu, select Import.


Select Browse for a file to choose your RIS file, or drag your exported file to the blue rectangle: 

Choose Confirm.

References in EndNote are unlikely to contain appropriate links (the record URLs downloaded from journal article databases will not include the necessary proxy authentication information). The Library can do this for you. To proceed, select the same three ellipses and then select Send To Library. 

If the imported references are not all intended for Week 2, drag them to the appropriate section by positioning the mouse on the right border of an individual citation which will cause a Drag Citation option to appear.