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Reading Lists in Canvas

Information supporting the use of the Reading List app in Canvas.

Student usage of your Reading List

Reading Lists enable you to view student usage of the items on your list.

You may want to access the analytics to determine:

  1. if the students need encouragement to view the learning material
  2. or whether you reconsider swapping a particular item for the next term

To access the analytics

The analytics function is available just below the PUBLISHED status of your list. It is updated daily.

What information is reported?

The analytics is divided into two sections - (1) student usage, and (2) weekly active students.

The weekly active students show the number of students each week that engaged with each item on the Reading List.

Whilst the student usage provides statistics for each item, including:

  • Active Students - the number of students who engaged with the citation
  • Total Activities - the total number of actions the students performed on this item
  • Student Usage - provides an indication, either - low, medium, or high - based on the number of students in the course
  • Student Full-Text Views - the number of students who clicked on the link to the resource
  • Students File Downloads - the number of students who downloaded the resource
  • Students That Commented - the number of students who commented on the resource discussion
  • Students Likes - the number of students that liked the item
  • Students marked as done - the number of students who marked this item as done