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Reading Lists @RMIT

This guide is designed to provide support and information when creating a Reading List.

How to link directly to sections or individual items

Create a shareable link method

1. In your Reading List, locate the item (or section) and use the ellipsis menu on the right-hand side. Choose to Create a shareable link.


2. Copy to Clipboard and Close.

3. Go to the corresponding reference in Canvas, in Edit mode, highlight the text (or image) with your mouse.

4. Using the "Link to URL" chain icon, paste the link.

5. Insert Link.
6. Save.
Then test your link.

Control K method

If you find that your linking is not working well, then use the Control K method instead of the Create a shareable link method.

Do the first 3 steps as above.

4. Use Control and K. This box should appear:

4. Insert Link.

5. Change Target to New window.

6. Save.