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Library resources in Canvas

Information on linking and embedding Library resources in your Canvas course and ensuring copyright compliance.

About HBR

The Harvard Business School has produced many business case studies, as well as other material, in two separate publications.

For more information about HBR case studies, consult the library guide on Case studies.

Note: You should not link to articles directly from the public website because there is a limit to the number of articles you can access for free and your students may meet a paywall.

If you still cannot find what you need, contact the Library's Teaching Support team.

HBR articles in Reading Lists

HBR articles may be added to a Reading List using two methods:

Option 1: If the article is findable in LibrarySearch

  1. In Reading Lists, select ADD ITEMS + icon.
  2. Search for the article in LibrarySearch.
  3. Once selected, add to the appropriate section of the Reading List.
  4. Select ADD.

Option 2: If the article is findable in EBSCOhost Business Source Complete

  1. Locate the article in EBSCOhost Business Source Complete.
  2. In Reading Lists, select ADD ITEMS + icon and select Create.
  3. In the edit panel select Type: Article and manually add details (e.g. article title, authors, journal title, publication date, volume, issue and page numbers.)
  4. From the EBSCOhost Business Source Complete record select the permalink and copy
  5. In Reading Lists paste the URL into the URL field
  6. Choose the appropriate section of the Reading List.
  7. Select ADD.

Linking in Canvas

Option 1 - Adding a link to the article in the database

Step 1: Find the article permalink

From EBSCOhost Business Source Complete, locate the article and copy the permalink.

Copyright © EBSCOhost. Used under licence.


Step 2: Create a hyperlink in your Canvas module

Go to the Page where you want to put the article link.

  1. Select the Edit button
  2. In the Rich Content Editor mode, type the citation details of the article or relevant text.
  3. Select the text
  4. Select the Links icon
  5. Paste the permalink you copied from Ebsco Business Source Complete into the Insert Link box.
  6. Select Done, then Save.

The link is inserted into your Canvas course page and will open in a new tab.

Option 2 - Linking to item in a Reading List

Use the Create Shareable link method, as detailed in the Reading Lists in Canvas library guide.