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Mendeley - Vietnam Guide

Mendeley is a free academic reference manager tool. This start guide will provide you with information on how to create your account, build up your Mendeley Library, and use the MS Word plugin to insert citations and references.

Create Mendeley account

You'll need your Mendeley account to log in and use the tool.

1. To create an account, go to and select 'Create account'. 

2. To register for an account, enter your email and select 'Continue' .

Note: please use your personal email (not RMIT email) to register if possible. 

Download and install Mendeley Desktop

Mendeley is available in different versions. Mendeley Desktop version provides the most complete experience for users. It is recommended that you download and install Mendeley Desktop to your device. 

1. To download Mendeley Desktop, go to: and select 'Download Now'.

2. Download Mendeley Desktop installation file to your device. Note: Mendeley will automatically assign the suitable installation file for your device e.g. Mac/Windows. 

3. Install Mendeley Desktop to your device. 

4. After installation, open Mendeley Desktop. Go to 'Tools' and select 'Install MS Word plugin'. The MS Word plugin will allow you to insert citations and references into your Word document. 

Note: You may need to close your running MS Word document(s) when installing the Word plugin. After you installed the plugin, you should be able to find it located at the 'References' tab in your MS Word. 

Note: in Word 2016 version, the plugin may appear in the 'Insert' tab - 'My Add-ins' option. Here you should see a menu load which contains Mendeley plugin.