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Social media for researchers

Provides guidelines on platforms and advice for the RMIT community on promoting and engaging with social media, as well as providing copyright information.

Upcoming Research Spotlight webinars

A collection of computer and laptop screens showing online meetings.

We run regular online presentations by guest speakers on different aspects of research. Recordings of past webinars are also available.

RMIT's Open Scholarship Policy - What it means for you as a researcher.

Hosted by Anne Lennox and Tristan Badham from the Library's Research Support and Services team, the session will delve into the core aspects of open research and gain a comprehensive understanding of the university's enterprise-wide policy.  

This session aims to heighten awareness and illuminate the crucial role researchers play in advancing open scholarship. Explore the policy's implications for your work and discover how you can actively contribute to the university's commitment to open research practices.  

Date & Time:  February 21, 2.20pm to 3.30pm

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

Getting started

Why use social media?

Social media is the term for online communication which allows us to keep in touch with people, join existing networks or create new networks, and share information. 

The reasons why you choose to engage with social media will shape how you use social media and which platform/s you might choose to use as a researcher.

The benefits of engaging with social media as a researcher include:

  • Visibility - Build your online researcher profile and increase your visibility and citation metrics.
  • Reach - Communicate research, directly and quickly, to a wider audience and raise your profile outside academia.
  • Network - Communicate and develop relationships with other researchers (and potentially develop collaborative partnerships).
  • Find new research - Be informed about new research in your discipline and follow or contribute to discussions. 
  • Impact - Promote your research with the aim to engage a wider audience and create more impact.
  • Speedy distribution - A quick and easy way to get your message out there.

Considerations when using social media

When getting started with social media think about the following:

  • Platform - Consider which platform/s will best suit you and your area of expertise.
  • Profile - Build out your profile (handle/name, display picture, bio, website link, etc.)
  • Follow - Make connections, follow colleagues, industry leaders, and specialist media.
  • Engage - Stay active and engage regularly, whatever that looks like for you.

RMIT social media accounts


Here are some of the University and Research social media accounts at RMIT.

Take the time to explore and consider following them.

For more University social media accounts consult the Account Directory from the RMIT Social Media Guidelines.




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