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Social media for researchers

Provides guidelines on platforms and advice for the RMIT community on promoting and engaging with social media, as well as providing copyright information.

RMIT brand guidelines

RMIT has strict guidelines around academic integrity and the use of social media, and failure to adhere to these standards may make you liable to allegations of a research integrity breach.

All social media activity on branded accounts is governed by the Brand and Communications Policy.

RMIT's branding templates ensure consistency in all areas of the university's visual identity, including in the social media space. Access the guidelines and templates for more information, including the RMIT Brand Guidelines document (PDF) on RMIT's 'Brand, Templates and Guides' site.

Any queries regarding branding should be addressed to the team at

Social media guidelines

RMIT's Social Media Guidelines cover a wide range of material, from the services provided by the University's social media team to advice on codes of conduct, freedom of expression, and cyber security in relation to social media use.

It also covers the university's content strategy and content submissions guidelines as they pertain to official RMIT accounts, and how RMIT staff and students can apply to the social media team for the creation of an affiliated account.

Finally, the Guidelines provide an Account Directory that links to every social media channel managed by RMIT, across Australia, Vietnam, and Europe.


"Policies" by Nick Youngson is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

RMIT's Policy Register contains numerous documents that relate to the expectations of the University. Relevant policies are linked below and described in brief here and can be accessed in full at RMIT's Researcher Portal (login required)

Cyber security

To keep your personal social media accounts and the RMIT systems secure, it’s important to follow best practice cyber security advice.

When using social media:

  • Never use your RMIT email or password for a personal social media account
  • Change your passwords regularly to protect your account security
  • Never share sensitive personal and organisational information online (this includes your staff number and access card, confidential documents, desktop applications or files, and images that show the layout of a secure office area or other sensitive University information)

This type of information can be used to gain unauthorised building access and/or orchestrate targeted cyber-attacks. When using social media, all staff and students have a role in protecting the reputation of the University, both on and offline.