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Researcher profiles and ORCID

Maximise the visibility of your research outputs by discovering how to establish a researcher profile.

Setting up your researcher profile

Establishing a researcher profile is very useful for promoting and increasing the visibility of your research publications and other activities.

The module provides an overview of commonly used researcher profiles and how to establish and maintain them.

The course materials include information, videos, and learning activities.

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Create and connect your profiles to maximise your research impact

Researchers and graduate researchers are encouraged to establish researcher profiles and identifiers.

Doing so connects you to the world and maximises the visibility of your research outputs and impact.

RMIT Research Repository

Make your outputs available via the RMIT Research Repository. The Repository is an open access repository providing free, searchable access to research publications authored by RMIT University staff and students.

If any of your outputs are not in the repository, you can report them via the Research Output Capture form. See the Reporting your research outputs page for information on which outputs are accepted.

Researcher profile tools

A researcher identifier is a unique persistent ID number that connects all your papers together within a database.

Why establish a researcher profile?
Benefits include:

  • Researcher profiles can be browsed by other researchers, prospective collaborators, students, journalists and funding bodies
  • Increase the visibility of your research
  • Connect your work from different sites to one place
  • Increase your standing within your field of study beyond RMIT University
  • Track your citation metrics
  • Reduce the number of name variations


The ORCID iD is a 16-digit Open Researcher and Contributor ID. It enables you to consolidate your research under one ID. You can also add research activities that are not represented in major databases, as well as combine name variations. 

ORCID iDs facilitate individuals and organisations to track research expertise globally and without naming ambiguity. RMIT University is one of forty of Australia’s major research institutions that have joined this international-scale open research effort.

‚ÄčOther researcher identifiers

You can also create identifiers for the following popular databases:

Academic networking sites

What to include in your researcher profile

Include measures of quality and esteem in the profiles that allow you to do so. In particular, consider what is deemed as 'quality' within your field. Examples include:

  • peer reviewing
  • awards and prizes
  • international engagement
  • research grants

Tips for managing your researcher profile:

  • Regularly check for accuracy and currency
  • Link all of your profiles together
  • Only share information that you can legally disclose to others