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Social media for researchers

Engaging with social media enables you to promote and track your research to a wider audience. This guide introduces platforms and provides tips to maximise social media usage. Relevant university policies and guidelines, as well as copyright information.

Selecting a social media platform

Choosing an appropriate and relevant social media platform that you want to engage with as a researcher may be influenced by the:

  • reasons you are choosing to use social media
  • platforms other researchers in your research discipline are using
  • type of content you are wanting to communicate
  • the audience you are wanting to reach and engage with

Social media platforms include:

  • social networking sites e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn
  • microblogging sites e.g. X
  • video sharing sites e.g. YouTube, TikTok
  • photo sharing sites e.g. Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr


LinkedIn is a professionally-focused platform that can be used to present your career history, academic employment, and experience, as well as research interests. It can be used to connect with other researchers and professionals within the industry, join groups related to your research, and share resources including your research publications and blog posts.

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Consider using Twitter to find new research and share your research; follow and network with other researchers; communicate your research to a wider non-academic audience; engage in academic discussion, conferences, talks, and events using hashtags and obtain information or seek advice.

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Consider using Instagram when sharing images and short videos. This platform could be useful for creative practice researchers in art, design, architecture, fashion, and digital media. As with other platforms, Instagram can be used to share your research, interact with other researchers and maintain awareness of current practices in your field.

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Consider developing an Author Page on Facebook to learn, share, and discuss your work within groups you may join and the wider community.

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The use of online videos is just another medium at the disposal of researchers offering a wider reach for them to engage with others, to learn and share their work.

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TikTok is the fastest growing social media app, allowing you to share short-form videos. Consider using TikTok if you want to find fun and creative ways to share information and debunk misinformation with a younger audience.

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