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Research Integrity

A guide outlining Library support available to Researchers and HDRs on aspects of research integrity.

Research Integrity at RMIT

Research integrity can be defined as the coherent and consistent adherence to a set of principles underpinning the excellence and impact of our research at RMIT.

Research integrity means that research is trustworthy, and is honestly, ethically and responsibly conducted, described and reported. Supporting research integrity at RMIT enhances the excellence of our research and our ability to generate impact.

RMIT recognises the principles of responsible research conduct as established in the Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research 2018 (the Code):

  • HonestyRigour and Accountability in the development, undertaking and reporting of research;
  • Transparency in declaring and managing conflicts of interest and in the reporting of research methodology, data and findings;
  • Fairness in the way we treat others;
  • Respect for research participants, the wider community, animals and the environment;
  • Recognition and value of the diversity, heritage, knowledge, cultural property and connection to land of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their right to be engaged in research;
  • Accountability for the development, conduct and reporting of research; and
  • Promotion of responsible conduct of research and fostering of a culture of research integrity.

For further information see the Research Integrity website.

Research integrity at global universities

In this video (part 1 of 2), Dr Daniel Barr discusses his role as Principal Research Integrity Advisor at RMIT in facilitating the responsible conduct of research. It serves as the foundation for a broader discussion on the guidelines and application of HDR and PhD research at universities both domestically and globally.

The progression of research integrity at global universities (Part 1) (12:40 min) by Integrity Matters by Turnitin (YouTube)

In this video (part 2 of 2), Dr Daniel Barr continues his discussion on the progression of research integrity at universities, advocating for a universality of research integrity principles. He explores the idea of integrity ‘markers’ or indicators, toward a shared, global understanding of research best practice.

The progression of research integrity at global universities (Part 2) (15:47 min) by Integrity Matters by Turnitin (YouTube)