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e-Books guide

Everything you need to know about finding and using e-books in our Library and beyond.

About VitalSource

The VitalSource is an eTextbook platform hosting titles from publishers such as Cambridge Core, Sage, McGraw-Hill and Human Kinetics etc.

VitalSource e-book titles have limited concurrent user access, you must return a book else other students will be unable to access it.


It is recommended that you:

  • Access the book online by clicking on  in Vital Source. The book will be loaned out for a period of 3hours to 72hours (depending on the publisher setup). 
  • Click on Printer icon to print/save to PDF an allowable portion of the book. Note - the Print limit is per loan. 
  • Finally, exit Bookshelf and click on   to exit the ebook to free up ebook access for other users.

Reading online

  1. Go to LibrarySearch and search for the Title or eISBN
  2. Go to View Online section and Click VitalSource


     3. You will be asked to enter your email to read the book offline or share it with your friends. Please click "No thanks, I’ll skip this step".  

     4. The eBook will automatically expire on the due date (e.g. 24 hours). You can also choose to return the eBook before the access expires by clicking on the “Return” button.     




Reading- Toolbars & bottom menu


Use bottom menu


Use the Print function to save a copy of the section of the book you are reading so you have a personal copy and the book can be returned for next user.  Click “print icon” then enter page ranges when small window pop-up then clicks “Print” button. It may take time to create the print file. Click “Print Now” to print or save pages as PDF or word file or sent to OneNote.