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e-Books guide

Everything you need to know about finding and using e-books in our Library and beyond.

About ProQuest Ebook Central

ProQuest Ebook Central has a wide selection of e-books in all subject areas. These include: Architecture and Design, Education, Language, Health and Science.

Titles can be browsed, read online or downloaded to your own computer or electronic device. 

Use the Search option, to search by keyword, author, ISBN and more to locate an e-book.  Advanced Search and Browse Subject options are also available.

Some e-book titles have limited concurrent user access, for example when the availability shows as “Your institution has access to 1 copy of this book”.

Print/download and copy allowances are displayed on the ProQuest Book Details page. Allowances may vary by publisher and number of people viewing the eBook.


 For these titles with Print/download and copy allowancesit is recommended that you:


  1. Click on ProQuest Ebook Central Download PDF button in Table of Contents to save PDF of an allowable portion of the book. Note: allowances refreshes daily. For detailed information see the ProQuest Ebook Central guide below.
  2. Promptly close the browser or exit the ebook to free up ebook access for other users.

When all copies are in use, and if the e-book is still for sale, you can request more copies. The library's collections team assesses requests and purchases additional copies depending on cost and demand (note: we do not reply to individual requests)

NOTE: Some publishers have strict controls on their titles in Proquest which prevent printing, copying and download.   Students can only read the book online, which means when a copy is being read by a student it will not be available for access by other students. These publishers include Cengage, LexisNexis (law), Thomson Reuters and Oxford University Press.


Downloading ProQuest Ebook Central e-books

Download a chapter

To download a chapter of a book, from the book detail page click on Download PDF Chapter or scroll down to the table of contents and click Download PDF button.

screenshot of book detail page in Ebook Central, Download PDF chapter button circled

​Download an entire book (if the option is available)

To download a book to read offline on your own computer or mobile device, you will be required to install free e-book viewing software.

If you are using a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or android device, you will need to:

Downloaded e-books can also be transferred to any portable e-book reader that supports Adobe Digital Editions. If you are using an e-book reader, it is recommended that you download the EPUB format, rather than the PDF, which automatically re-sizes to fit your screen on any device.

Reading online

To access the e-book you have selected, click on Read Online.  

screenshot highlighting read online button

Printing and copying

Printing and copying allowances for each book are displayed on both the Book Details page.  This is the first page that will display once you have selected a title you wish to look at:

Screenshot highlighting copy and print allowances on book detail page

Allowances are also able to be viewed from the Online Reader, select the book icon located in the upper left of screen to display allowances. 

Screenshot highlighting book icon and print/copy allowances displayed in online reader

Note:  Once you have printed/chapter downloaded a page, the allowance automatically counts down. For most books, the allowance will reset after 24 hours, giving you the full number of pages to copy/print/download again. A small number of books have a lifetime copy/print/download allowance.