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Search and find Australian and international standards on a variety of subject areas. Learn how to request standards not available at RMIT.

UPDATE: Australian Standards Online (Intertek Inform) no longer requires File Open from October 7, 2023

From October 7, 2023, Australian Standards Online (Intertek Inform) will implement Vitrium digital rights management. FileOpen will no longer be required for i2i Standards.

Adobe Reader or PDF Exchange are the only supported readers of the Standards PDF documents you download. Vitrium will apply the required watermarking to the Standards and will continue to prevent sharing or storing on another device. 

Any documents you have already downloaded in FileOpen will still be accessible via FileOpen until December 2023.

Please take a look at this video, which shows how to adjust your device's settings, that are required for Vitrium to protect the documents.

More information can be found here are the vendor's website.

Please note, you can save the DRM protected PDF on your computer or device, but it will then be locked to that device. Should you wish to access it on another device, you must download it there as well. You will need to be connected to the internet to view your DRM protected PDF.

What is FileOpen

FileOpen is a free digital rights management plug-in that allows you to open Secure PDF files. Many standards, on the ASTM International Standards Online (Engineering Workbench) platform require the FileOpen plug-in to use their standards.

Personal devices

Some of the standards in ASTM International Standards Online (Engineering Workbench) require a Digital Rights Management (DRM) security feature that protects the author’s intellectual property. Documents that have this security requirement are marked with a Lock (Security Lock ) icon. If there is no Lock, then your access is not affected.

Opening Secure PDF files require a one-time download of the free plug-in. Once it is downloaded, you will be able to access these secure documents without further action. The plug-in can be downloaded at

RMIT Public / Student PCs and laptops


1. Go to My Desktop and select FileOpen from All Apps

My Desktop

2. Open Adobe Acrobat and check File Open has been installed

3. Access ASTM International Standards Online (Engineering Workbench) from within MyDesktop to ensure the downloaded PDF is available for the FileOpen app to access Files cannot be transferred between local computer storage and MyDesktop

4. Download the PDF files you need You will not be able to view a set / zipped file in FileOpen

5. Open FileOpen and navigate to File > Open >then select the downloaded PDF.

RMIT Staff PCs and laptops

FileOpen is available to download from the Company Portal. PDFs are unable to be opened in a browser.

ENSURE you have Adobe Creative Cloud installed and have access to Adobe Acrobat before you install FileOpen

Open file from Downloads folder or within Adobe Reader/Acrobat DC. Use the Always open option for the file type if this is available.

Further assistance

Some further troubleshooting tips:

  • Try to download / view single standards rather than download the zipped set
  • Most standards can still be viewed online, even if downloading is an issue.
  • Do you see one of these error messages:
    • Failed to load PDF document 
    • This PDF is corrupted
    • We can’t open this file Something went wrong
    • This PDF document might not be displayed correctly
    Then right-click the file in your downloads folder or taskbar and select Open with > Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Receiving the error message: A timeout occurred: The request channel timed out ? Try in a different browser
  • Personal devices, including mobile phones, can be used to download standards. You can then print from your personal device.

If contacting ITS for support, ensure you include a link to this page


For issues accessing standards please contact Ask the Library or