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Search and find Australian and international standards on a variety of subject areas. Learn how to request standards not available at RMIT.

SAI Global i2i - Australian Standards Online

Accessing Australian Standards Online (Intertek Inform)

  • Only 20 users at a time can access the platform. Log out out when finished to allow others in. If you cannot log in try again later.
  • Standards can be easily viewed online in a browser window, or downloaded. Adobe Reader or PDF Exchange are the only supported readers of the Standards PDF documents you download.
  • Open the downloaded PDF in a supported PDF reader such as Adobe Reader as it will not open in a web browser.
  • You can save the PDF on your computer or device, but it will then be locked to that device. Should you wish to access it on another device, you must download it there as well.
  • Once downloaded, you will need to be connected to the internet to view your PDF.

How to search

Enter the standard number (e.g. AS/NZS 3837) or the keyword or title (e.g. Method of test for heat and smoke) and click Search.

If you are looking for an international standard not available in the library's subscription, check whether there is an Australian Standard equivalent.

If an international standard has been adopted by Standards Australia, you can refer to the Australian adoption instead of the international version. Some have been modified to suit Australian conditions but most are identical to their international versions.

See this video for more information.

Further help

Australian Standards Online (Intertek Inform) training videos:

Access further help. You must be logged in to access the User Guides.

SAI Global i2i FAQs

  • Direct links to standards from Canvas

Australian Standards Online (Intertek Inform)  have confirmed that linking from Canvas is allowed, however copying the link from the URL bar will not work. Please use the permalink button highlighted below, this will insert the RMIT authentication information to the link.

Screenshot displaying icon to copy URL to direct link to a standard on i2i platform

  • Viewing standards on mobile devices

Australian Standards Online (Intertek Inform) have confirmed that mobile devices should be able to view standards online (where this option is available) and there are Android and Apple FileOpen apps available. As with all software, the age of device and operating system may affect performance. 

  • Printing and sharing or transferring standards

The terms and conditions for Australian Standards Online (Intertek Inform) and Standards Australia confirm printing a hardcopy of a standard is allowed. Sharing is not allowed. This means users are not permitted to: host a copy for students in Canvas, email a copy to yourself or someone else, or have an instructor print a class set of standards. Printed or downloaded electronic copies must be destroyed if the RMIT subscription ceases.

To print an Australian Standard, the file must be downloaded first, this will add a username and license conditions to the document

  • Creating training/user guide materials 

​​​​​​​Australian Standards Online (Intertek Inform)  have confirmed RMIT instructors are able to take screenshots and screencasts of the platform only for the purpose of creating training materials.

Australian Standards and the law

There is no legal requirement for the public to comply with Australian Standards® (AS) or joint Australian/New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS) unless State or Commonwealth Governments refer to them in legislation.  Standards referred to in legislation may be mandatory.

You can search the databases of the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) for Australian Standards and access the full text of the relevant legislation and case law. Follow the link below and scroll about halfway down the page to find the search tool.

Can't Find a Standard You Need?