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Research evidence for grants and promotion

A 'how to' guide on information and tools for capturing evidence of, and describing, research outputs.

Finding collaborators

Demonstrating research collaboration can be beneficial for:

  • Applying for an academic position or promotion
  • Submitting a research grant application
  • Increasing your research engagement and impact
  • Increasing your research profile.

SciVal allows a researcher to demonstrate through data and visualisation methods the collaboration they have had with other authors at their institution, as well as nationally and internationally.

Example statement

"28% of my publications have co-authors from international institutions across the United States, United Kingdom and Japan." (source: SciVal, 22 December 2023)

How to find collaboration in SciVal

  1. Go to SciVal
  2. Access the Overview module
  3. From the left panel, from Researchers and Groups, select your name, or use the Create/Import option to Define a researcher
  4. Select the Collaboration tab
  5. From the table, note the percentage for collaboration at different geographical scales
  6. Explore further by selecting Top collaborating institutions, or scroll down to Quick links for further analysis.


SciVal collaboration

Image: Copyright © Elsevier. Used under licence.

Note: The Overview module will report on a range of years from 2013, while the Benchmarking module can report from 1996 onwards.

Potential collaboration

If trying to locate researchers in your field in which to collaborate on a grant application, then discover how SciVal enables researchers to locate others researching in the same field, for potential collaboration.

Instructions about Research Collaboration and Finding collaborators are available on the Strategic publishing library guide.