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Researcher profiles and ORCID

Maximise the visibility of your research outputs by discovering how to establish a researcher profile.

Academic staff profiles

All RMIT academics have public academic profiles, showcasing research activities and outputs. RMIT academic profiles will appear in external search results in Google and Bing and other search engines. They can be linked to other external researcher profiles such as ORCID, Scopus, Google Scholar, LinkedIn, etc.

Researchers can manage their profile through RMIT Elements. To get started with curating your new RMIT Elements academic profile it is recommended for you to action the below steps upon logging into RMIT Elements for the first time:

  1. Confirm your author iDs
  2. Add and manage your ORCID iD
  3. Review your auto-claimed publications, and add any missing items
  4. Nominate your publications for Annual Collection, for all publications from 2018 onwards
  5. Review your bio, headshot, and other information migrated from the RMIT website profiles

Visit the RMIT Elements Guides on the Researcher Portal for the instructions and more information.