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Marketing and Market Research

A central and comprehensive guide with links to essential online resources, providing market analysis and statistics for Advertisers, Marketeers and Market Researchers

Academic journals

Find journal articles on a broad range of subjects including marketing, market research, market analysis and consumer behaviour. 

Search using the main keywords that describe your topic.  For example: marketing.

Try the advanced search options for combining keywords and refining your search to find the most relevant search results in the following databases: 

Marketing and Market research

  • Journal articles 
  • Case studies 
  • Consumer information 
  • Trend forecasts 
  • Company reports 
  • News 
  • Journal articles 
  • Trade Journals 
  • Company reports 
  • Country reports 
  • Industry reports 
  • News 
  • Working papers 
  • Case studies 
  • Lectures/Talks 
  • Case studies 
  • Industry Snapshots 
  • Company Snapshots 
  • Market Data Charts 
  • News source
  • eBooks 
  • Datasets 
  • Articles 
  • Factsheets
  • Podcasts 

Consumer information

Company and Industry research

  • Industry Reports (Australia and China) 
  • Company Reports (Australia) 
  • SWOT analysis 
  • Industry Reports 
  • Company Reports 
  • SWOT & PESTLE analyses 
  • Industry and Company Case Studies 
  • Country Profiles 
  • News dashboard 
  • Industry Reports 
  • Company Profiles 
  • Consumer Profiles 
  • Analytics, including forecast models 
  • Annual reports 
  • Company reports 

Videos Databases

For more databases in your subject area, use the A-Z Databases tool, choose Marketing, and review the details of the databases before making a selection. 

Further Support

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