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Videos in Canvas

Instructions on linking and embedding Library videos, including playlists and clips, in your Canvas course and Reading List.

About EduTV

Creating an account

Access the EduTV and TVNews collection with your RMIT username and password. For full access to features, select LOGIN|REGISTER (from top right of screen). You will be asked to verify your account through email. This personalised account allows you to Add to Favourites and Create Clips.

Note: After logging in to your personal account, you may need to reselect the EduTV and TVNews databases. To do this, select either the Change Databases button (located above the search box), or select the Databases tab (top left of page) > under the Browse by Type tab, select the Clear All button and tick the EduTV and/or TVNews boxes, then select the Use Selected Databases button (right side menu). The databases will be displayed in the Searching databases button (located above the search box). 

Adding to favourites

Once you have created a personal account you can add programs to Favourites:

  1. Search for a video, then select the video title to see the full record.
  2. Above the video window, select the Add to Favourite button.
  3. Add to an existing list or Create a New List.

This will then add the program into your Favourites, which can be accessed via My Account (top right of screen).

Creating clips

Start from the full record for the video:

  1. Select Tools, then Create Clip.
  2. Below the video, move the timeline bar to the exact point where you want the clip to start, and then select the Begin button.
  3. Move the timeline bar to the end point of where you want to the clip to finish and select the End button.
  4. Add a title and write a description.
  5. Ensure the permission is set to Public and select Save.
  6. The clips are saved in the Created Clips section of My Account (top right of screen).

Reading Lists

See more information about Reading Lists on the library guide Reading Lists in Canvas.

To add a video in Reading Lists

Videos may be added to a Reading list using either the Search, or Cite it functions, as detailed on the Reading Lists in Canvas guide.

If the video in indexed within LibrarySearch, use the Search option:

  1. In Reading Lists, select ADD ITEMS + icon.
  2. Search for the video in LibrarySearch.
  3. Once selected, add to the appropriate section of the Reading List.
  4. Select ADD.

If the video in not indexed within LibrarySearch, use the Cite it function:

  1. The Cite it function will autofill some parts of the citation details. Check the fields for Title, Author, Type, Duration, Publisher, Publication date, and if needed, a public note.
  2. Once complete, add to the appropriate section of the Reading List.
  3. Select ADD.

To add a clipped video in Reading Lists

  1. View box above about Creating Clips.
  2. Copy the URL for the Clip from My Account (top right of screen) > Created Clips Clip Title. 
  3. In Reading Lists, select ADD ITEMS + icon.
  4. Select the Create screen.
  5. Select Video as the Type.
  6. Add the Title, Author, Duration, Publisher, Publication Date, and add a public note to the record (if required).
  7. In the Source field paste the URL of the Clip.
  8. Select ADD.

Linking in Canvas

You can link to an EduTV video in your Canvas course.

To link to a video in Canvas

In EduTV:

  1. Start from the full record of the video.
  2. Select and copy the full URL link from your browser.
  3. Access the OpenAthens Link Generator to convert the link.
  4. Make sure RMIT University is selected as the organisation.
  5. Paste in the EduTV link, then copy the OpenAthens link. 

In Canvas:

  1. Start from the Canvas page where you want to link to the video.
  2. Select the Edit button.
  3. In the Rich Content Editor mode type the name of the video or relevant text on the required page.
  4. Select the text.
  5. Select the Links icon.
  6. Paste the OpenAthens link in the Insert Link box.
  7. Select Done, then Save.

The link is inserted into your Canvas course and will open in a new tab.

Note: This process also works for Clips. To obtain the URL link, go to My Account (top right of screen) > Created Clips Clip Title and copy the full URL.

Embedding Canvas

You can embed an Informit video into your Canvas course.

To embed a video in Canvas

In Informit:

  1. Start from the full record of the video.
  2. Select the Tools tab.
  3. Then select Embed, text will be copied to the clipboard.

In Canvas:

  1. Start from the page where you want to embed the video.
  2. Select the Edit button.
  3. Decide where you want to embed the video, and if needed, add text.
  4. In the menu select Insert, then Embed.
  5. Paste the embed code and select Submit.

The video is embedded in your course and will play in the frame (Note: users may be prompted to sign in to view the video).

Note: Videos may not play in the Safari browser so including a link to the video is recommended. Follow the instructions on Linking in Canvas.