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Videos in Canvas

Instructions on linking and embedding Library videos, including playlists and clips, in your Canvas course and Reading List.

About Alexander Street

Note: You cannot embed Alexander Street content in your Canvas course. However, you can link to individual videos from your Canvas module or add them to your Reading List.

Creating an account

To gain full access to Alexander Street you need to login with your RMIT username and password and then sign in (after creating an account) to become a user. This allows you to create bookmarks, clips, playlists and interactions.

  1. Select the User Profile button. 
  2. Select Create new account.
  3. Fill in the fields as required.
  4. Select the Create new account.

Your Alexander Street account will be created.


Once you have created an account you can select programs and add them to Playlists.

  1. Search for a video.
  2. From the results list, select the video title to see the full record display.
  3. Underneath the video window, select the Playlist button.
  4. A pop-up box will open. Give your new playlist a name. (If you have created playlists previously, you will also be provided with an option to add to an existing playlist).
  5. Select Create.

Creating clips

  1. Select the Clip (scissors) button underneath the video.
  2. Type a name for your Clip project in the Title box.
  3. Choose the start time of the clip either by dragging the green flag in the video timeline or by typing the time in the Start fields underneath the clip title box.
  4. Choose the end time of the clip either by dragging the red flag in the video timeline or by typing in the time in the Finish fields underneath the clip title box. Alexander Street also informs you of the length of the clip.
  5. You can add a note in the note field below the start and end times.
  6. From the drop-down menu under the notes field, select who can view the clip from the following options: Just me, Everyone at my institution, or Everyone.
  7. Select the Save button.

Creating interactions

Alexander Street consists of several collections of resources. To utilise the interactions feature, you need to start from the appropriate video collection or access the video from LibrarySearch. 
This view also allows you to create clips and share links to the video. It does not have an add to playlist feature.

Creating interactions

From the full record of the video, select the Play icon.

  1. Select the light bulb above the timeline on the bottom right. Any existing interactions will be listed on the right. 
  2. Select Create new.
  3. Select the point on the timeline where you want to add an interaction, then select the Add an interaction button.
  4. Choose from: Multiple Choice, Check all, Free Response, Fill in the Blank, Poll or Discussion. 
  5. Fill in the relevant sections for your choice, then select Done.

You can add another interaction to the time you just specified on the timeline by selecting Add Interaction to Group. To add more interactions, go to another point in the timeline and select the Add an interaction button.

Saving interactions

Interactions do not save automatically.

  1. When you have added your interactions, select the Review tab.
  2. Give your interactions a title, then select Save and Exit.

You can view your interactions by selecting your profile icon (top right). Then select (name's) Profile and the My interactions tab.

Reading Lists

See more information about Reading Lists on the library guide Reading Lists in Canvas.

To add a video in Reading Lists

Videos may be added to a Reading List using either the Search, or Cite it, as detailed on the Reading Lists in Canvas guide.

If the video is indexed within LibrarySearch, use the Search option:

  1. In Reading Lists, select ADD ITEMS + button.
  2. Search for the video in LibrarySearch.
  3. Once selected, add to the appropriate section of the Reading List.
  4. Select ADD.

If the video in not indexed within LibrarySearch, use the Cite it function:

  1. The Cite it function will autofill some parts of the citation details. Check the fields for Title, Author, Type, Duration, Publisher, Publication date, and if needed, a public note.
  2. Once complete, add to the appropriate section of the Reading List.
  3. Select ADD.

To add a clipped video in Reading Lists

In Alexander Street:

  1. Start from the clip of the video.
  2. Select the Embed/Link icon in the banner underneath the video.
  3. From the pop-up box, then select Copy to copy the permanent link.

In Reading Lists:

  1. Select the Add Items + button.
  2. Select the Create screen.
  3. Select Video as the Type.
  4. Add the title, author, duration, publisher, publication date, and public notes to the record.
  5. In the Source field paste the URL of the video section link.
  6. Select ADD.

Linking in Canvas

You can link to an Alexander Street video in your Canvas course.

To link to a video in Canvas

In Alexander Street:

  1. Locate the video.
  2. Select the Embed/Link icon in the banner underneath the video.
  3. From the pop-up box, select Copy to copy the link.
  4. Access the OpenAthens Link Generator to convert the link.
  5. Make sure RMIT University is selected as the organisation.
  6. Paste in the Alexander Street link, then copy the OpenAthens link. 

In Canvas:

  1. Go to the Canvas page where you want to create a link to the video.
  2. Select the Edit button.
  3. In the Rich Content Editor mode, type the name of the video or relevant text on the required page.
  4. Select the text.
  5. Select the Links icon.
  6. Paste the OpenAthens link in the Insert Link box.
  7. Select Done, then Save.

The link is inserted into your Canvas course and will open in a new tab.