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Adding Library resources to Canvas

This Guide provides information on how to link to and embed Library resources in your course Learning Management System. You can find information about Reserve, Copyright and Permissions processes here.

LMS/Library Integration

The Library has many resources to enhance and compliment your teaching. These resources can be linked to or embedded easily within your Canvas course.

This guide provides you with: 

Finding Library resources

You can identify relevant library resources to include in your course using:


Use this checklist when developing content in the LMS.

Have I…

  • Consulted with the Library regarding available Library Resources?
    Librarians can provide assistance with Library eResources: 
  • Utilised Library licensed resources, Creative Commons and Open Educational Resources
    Limit your copyright compliance requirements and source Creative Commons or openly licensed resources see ​
  • Added the Reading List LTI to my canvas course? Reading Lists are an interactive and collaborative way of managing course readings. Resources in Reading Lists will be checked by Library staff for copyright compliance. See
  • Created links or embedded content.  Embedding or linking to content removes many copyright problems, best practice is to link or embed rather than download and upload.  
  • Checked your readings? Are you using eResources (Journal articles or eBooks)?Reading linking service ​can create durable, authenticated links to online and scanned resources. Email:
  • Used scanned chapters or pages from books?
    RMIT is bound by an educational licence with the Copyright Agency that sets out how RMIT staff can use chapters or scanned pages from published works for learning and teaching purposes. The licence requires these resources are placed into eReserve. Email:
  • Used images or diagrams? 
    The educational licence with the Copyright Agency as mentioned above sets out how RMIT staff can use images for learning and teaching purposes. The licence requires images protected by copyright are placed into eReserve.
    NOTE: Images from the web that are Creative Commons licenced or where website terms that allow educational use can be used within the learning technology and do not need to be placed into eReserve.
  • Sought permission to use slides, images, test banks, and case studies from publisher materials, or internet sites?
    Some publishers provide instructor’s material such as test banks, case studies, powerpoint slides and images, which need the publisher’s permission before use. Contact your publishing representative and ask them to email you confirmation the instructors resources can be used in your Canvas course. Keep a copy of the email as proof of permission.
  • Likewise documents, reports, and text from websites require permission to use their materials even though they may be readily accessible on the internet. Get help with permission, email:
  • Embedded YouTube, Vimeo & web videos?
    There is no blanket educational licence that allows the downloading of videos from YouTube or Vimeo.  YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sites can be used as teaching tools as long as the video has been placed online by the copyright holder. Ensure to get your videos checked by
  • Acknowledged all my sources and referenced correctly?
    Attribution is a core component of many licences and a marker of academic integrity.

When in doubt seek advice from copyright services