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Library resources in Canvas

Information on linking and embedding Library resources in your Canvas course and ensuring copyright compliance.

Options for linking to resources

There are three options for providing links to resources in your Canvas courses. See the boxes below for instructions on each of these options.

  1. Reading Lists - preferred, especially if you are using non-Library subscribed resources as the Library can manage copyright issues.
  2. LibrarySearch - for resources found in LibrarySearch.
  3. Creating permalinks - for resources in Library subscribed databases.

Reading Lists

Using the Reading Lists app is the best way to add links to resources in your course. 

Students can access readings from the Reading List, arranged by you according to topics or weekly units. Or you can add links to Reading List items directly into your course material.

Benefits of Reading Lists for teachers

  • Link students directly to learning materials, including non-library resources such as YouTube videos or webpages
  • Ensure copyright compliance 
  • Easily request digitisation of material
  • Access statistics on student usage 
  • Collect and store readings, then add them to courses whenever you want 
  • Easily update and roll over lists each semester 
  • Collaborate with others to create reading lists


You can get reliable permalinks to any resources in LibrarySearch, and add these to your online course materials.  These links will take the student to the LibrarySearch record, and they can click through to find the book, article, or other resource.

To get a permalink from LibrarySearch

  1. Search for the resource in LibrarySearch.
  2. Select on the link icon for the item at the top right of the record for the item you want to link to.
  3. Copy the link to Clipboard.
  4. Insert the link into the required location in your Canvas module, using the link function in the Canvas editor.

LibrarySearch record

Copyright © LibrarySearch. Used under licence.

Create your own link

If a Library subscribed resource does not appear in LibrarySearch, you can still create a link to use in your Canvas modules.


Many databases include a permalink or persistent link for individual records. OpenAthens is an authentication and electronic access management system that provides access to the Library's licensed online resources via Single Sign-On (SSO) technology, both on- and off-campus. It replaces our current authentication system, EZproxy.

Note: the permalink for an individual item is usually not the URL in the browser address bar. Look out for permalink options within the item record.

Link Generator

Use the Link Generator to convert the outdated ‘’ links.

To create new authenticated links to Library resources, use this dedicated: OpenAthens Link Generator.