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Researcher Profiles and ORCID iDs

Maximise the visibility of your research outputs by discovering how to establish a researcher profile.

What is ORCID and what are the benefits?

ORCID is an open, non-profit and community driven initiative.

The 16-digit Open Researcher and Contributor ID, or ORCID is a persistent and unique digital identifier which enables researchers and institutions to maintain a consolidated record of all of their research activities. It also facilitates eligible individuals and organisations in tracking research expertise globally, without naming ambiguity.

ORCID IDs are increasingly used as a search term/method for enhanced research visibility and discoverability.

The benefits of ORCID include:

  • Interoperability across publisher submission systems, funding agencies, research repositories, research institutions and supporting automated updating of ORCID researcher profiles (e.g. via databases such as Web of Science and Scopus).
  • Elimination of name ambiguities arising from differing name formats, change of names, similar names at the same institution, names with diacritical marks and names appearing in different writing systems.
  • Facilitation of a comprehensive listing of research outputs in one place, including datasets, peer review activities and more.
  • Improves discoverability by associating your identity to the whole range of your research outputs (articles, citations, datasets, equipment, media stories, experiments, patents, and notebooks). 
  • Saving of time through the reuse of publication data as it increasingly works with other systems (manuscript submissions to publishers, funding applications, research tools such as Scopus, and employers or professional associations.

Find out more at ORCID at RMIT (Access via RMIT Researcher Portal)

Register and link your ORCID to RMIT

Researchers at RMIT University should use the RMIT Registration tool for an ORCID ID.

Editing your record

  • Go to ORCID, sign in and select the drop-down menu from the top right of screen (next to your name), then select 'Account settings':


  • Use your RMIT email as your Primary Email but add another email address in case you change institutions.
  • Choose a visibility setting for your ORCID record from 'Everyone’, ‘Trusted Parties’ or 'Only Me’.  

       The default is 'Everyone’ but researchers might select 'Only Me’ until everything is set up. 

You can review trusted organisations in the 'Account Settings' section. When you connect your ORCID to another organisation’s system, you will be asked to grant permission to that organisation to interact with your ORCID account. For example, a publisher may request permission to obtain your ORCID when you submit a manuscript.


  • Add keywords. ORCID keywords are searchable on the Find RMIT Researchers site. 
  • When logging in you can link your Google account with your ORCID login to facilitate one click access to your ORCID record.