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This guide provides access to major Australian and international legal resources and help on searching them.


The Australian Guide to Legal Citation (4th ed, 2018), otherwise known as AGLC4, is the referencing style required for use in most legal writing.  AGLC4 is a product of a collaboration between the Melbourne University Law Review and the Melbourne Journal of International Law.

An online copy of AGLC4 is freely available in PDF format from Melbourne University.  Please note that it does not include the Appendix of Law Report abbreviations.

Easy Cite Referencing Tool

The Easy Cite Referencing Tool shows you how to correctly reference the words of other authors and how to correctly write citations in AGLC4 and other styles.

Why Reference?

Referencing is necessary to avoid plagiarism, to verify quotes, and to enable readers to identify and consult any item to follow-up a cited author's argument. Referencing is an important part of Academic Integrity.

For more information about referencing and Academic Integrity, check out the following resources:

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Academic Integrity

Examples of citations using AGLC4

Case citation for a Reported case (Law Report)

Required details in order are:  Case Name (in italics); Year (in round brackets); Volume Number; Law Report Series (Abbreviation); Starting Page Number; Pinpoint page number where appropriate (used when referring to a specific point in the judgment)

Legislation citation

Required details in order are: Short Title; Year (in italics); Jurisdiction abbreviation (in round brackets);  Pinpoint to section(s), regulation(s), rule(s) etc (an abbreviation and number(s)) if applicable.

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