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Law and Justice

This guide provides access to major Australian and international legal resources and help on searching them.

What is legislation and where to find it?

The term legislation refers to Acts of Parliament. The term delegated legislation refers to regulations and rules created pursuant to an Act of Parliament. The term legislation can refer to a single law (also known as a statute) or to a collection of laws. Members of the Parliament are referred to as legislators, persons who make laws. Collectively they constitute a legislature, a body that makes laws.

You can find legislation in the databases and government websites listed below:

Legislation databases

Multiple Jurisdictions

United Kingdom

United States


New Zealand

European Union

For more resources for international legislation, please consult the International and Business Law tab of this guide

Government Legislation Websites

The Commonwealth and every State and Territory in Australia maintain a website that contains their legislation.

How Law is Made in Australia


This Bills and laws webpage is a comprehensive explanation of the federal law-making process in the Australian Parliament. It includes a helpful video, Making a law, about the law-making process. 


The How a Law is Made in Victoria flow chart describes the key stages in law making in Victoria.

Parliament of Victoria Explains: How Parliament makes laws
YouTube video

Progress of a Bill

Follow the progression of a Bill through a Parliament by reading the official Records of Parliamentary debates, also known as Hansard

Access Hansard here:

Parliament of Australia - Hansard online from 1901

Parliament of Victoria - Hansard online from 1999

Legislative Assembly of the Australian Capital Territory - Hansard online from 1989

Parliament of New South Wales - Hansard online from 1856

Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory - Hansard online from 1974

Parliament of Queensland - Hansard online from 1981

Parliament of South Australia - Hansard online from 1981

Parliament of Tasmania - Hansard online from 1979

Parliament of Western Australia - Hansard online from 1870

Video - Finding Australian Legislation

Law Reform

Organisations and resources dedicated to law reform in Australia and Victoria.