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Researcher profiles and ORCID

Maximise the visibility of your research outputs by discovering how to establish a researcher profile.

About Scopus Author ID

Scopus Author ID is automatically generated if you have a paper in the database so registration for a Scopus Author ID is not required.

Having a Scopus Author ID allows you to easily see a list of your publications and view citation metrics such as h-index measures, citation counts, publications and co-authors.

Scopus Author ID can be linked to ORCID so publications can be imported into your ORCID.

Check for your Scopus Author ID

  1. Go to Scopus.
  2. Conduct an Author Search on your name and your affiliation e.g. RMIT University. Did you find a record for yourself?
  3. If you did, make a note of your Author ID so that you can add this to your ORCID profile. You can also get citation alerts and request corrections of your details in Scopus using this ID number. 

Here are instructions on how to:

Linking your Scopus Author ID and ORCID

Linking your Scopus ID with ORCID will allow you to transfer publication details from Scopus into your ORCiD profile.

Option 1: Linking ORCID from Scopus Author ID

  1. Go to Scopus Author search
  2. Search by your name and RMIT University in the Affiliation field
  3. Select your name in the results list to open your profile page. (Please note: you won’t find an Author ID if you don’t have works already indexed by Scopus)
  4. If you do have an Author ID, select ‘Connect to ORCID’ (located in 'Profile Actions')
  5. Follow the steps to associate your Scopus author profile with your ORCID record

Option 2: Linking Scopus Author ID from ORCID

  1. Log in to ORCID
  2. In the Works section, select 'Add works’ and then ‘Search & link’
  3. Select Scopus Elsevier from the list and authorise
  4. Follow the steps to associate your Scopus profile and works with ORCID