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Systematic Reviews

This guide introduces the process of conducting a systematic review of the literature.

About the protocol

The protocol further builds on your research question, aiding in in-depth defining of the question.

The research protocol is a planning document that will:

  • describe the rationale for the review
  • set out the review objectives
  • detail the methods to be used in locating, selecting and analysing identified studies

The aim of the protocol is to minimise bias by having pre-defined eligibility criteria of what will, and will not, be included in the review.

The protocol is developed in conjunction with determining search terms.

A protocol promotes research integrity, accountability, and transparency of the completed review.

Protocol standards - what to include

PRISMA standard

PRISMA is the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses. PRISMA focuses on evaluations of interventions being reported in systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials.

Other standards

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