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Computer, Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering

This guide provides resources for finding information on computer, electrical, electronic and telecommunications engineering.

Relevant Australian organisations

Energy Safe Victoria

In Victoria, the energy regulator is Energy Safe Victoria

The Energy Safe Victoria website has a useful section outlining the legislation they administer under electricity, gas and pipelines. See this under the About Us section.

What is Renewable Energy?

Communications resources - ACCC

Communications - ACCC
The ACCC is responsible for the economic regulation of the communications sector, including telecommunications and the National Broadband Network (NBN), broadcasting and content sectors.

Evaluating information


Evaluate your sources using the C.R.A.A.P test to find reliable, quality information.

    When was it created?

    Is it on my topic?

    Is it by an expert?

    Is it correct and reliable?

    Why was it created?