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Computer, Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering

This guide provides resources for finding information on computer, electrical, electronic and telecommunications engineering.

Find books, e-books and chapters

Login and search LibrarySearch using keywords that describe your topic, then refine your results to books and chapters.

  • Combine your keywords with AND to find all search terms.

  • Use OR to find any words or synonyms.

  • Find “exact phrases” with quotation marks.

  • Add an asterisk to part of a word to find different endings and plurals.


Example searches: 

"artificial intelligence" AND "computer algorithms" AND "hardware design"


"electric power systems" AND "power transformers" AND application*


"digital signal processing" AND telecommunications


eBook Collections

What Are Open Educational Resources? Some Examples

Open Text Books or Open Educational Resources (OERs):
OER's are "learning, teaching and research materials in any format and medium that reside in the public domain or are under copyright that have been released under an open license, that permit no-cost access, re-use, re-purpose, adaptation and redistribution by others" (cited from UNESCO).
They are a good alternative to textbooks because they are freely available online. Check authority by looking at the qualifications of the authors or whether the titles are peer-reviewed. 


Electrical related


Computer related suggested texts:

Computer related Courses

Computer related OERs Websites:

e-Books guide

See the Library’s e-Book guide for tips on using e-books.