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Copyright guide

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity means honesty and responsibility in scholarship through respecting the work of others whilst having the freedom to build new insights, new knowledge and ideas.

Academic Integrity at RMIT University (student site)

Academic Integrity at RMIT University (staff site)

Intellectual Property Policy (Incorporates aspects of the former) Moral Rights Policy - RMIT University

Referencing Guides

When using copyright works such as images, quotes or videos that other people have created, you must ensure that the material is referenced correctly.  You must reference any material that you use.

RMIT University Library referencing guides

RMIT University College of Business referencing website

RMIT University Study and Learning Centre - Learning Lab: Referencing 

Creative Commons Australia - Attributing Creative Commons works

Harvard Referencing for Visual Materials (RMIT University Library guide) 

Creative Commons Referencing Guides

Citing Images

Citing Images, video CDUniLibrary YouTube viewed 18 May 2016, <>.

About Referencing - How do we do it

About Referencing:  How do we do it?, video CDUniLibrary YouTube viewed 18 May 2016, <>.

Finding the source of an image

For attribution purposes, the following tools can help in finding the source for an image.  


Google Reverse Image Searching -  video below