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Copyright guide

This is a companion guide to the RMIT Copyright webpages for staff and students.

Copyright "free" concepts

REMEMBER when searching the internet -  check the copyright statement, terms of use, or terms and conditions stated on the website to establish what is permitted.

The statement will advise if the works on the site can be used for educational purposes, within your organisation, under a Creative Commons licence or are free for use.

Concepts of 'Free' Meanings:

Searching for images

creative commons search logo

THINK ABOUT – Searching the Creative Commons website to find images from Flicker, Google images or Wikimedia commons, etc.

Searching Google Images

Using Creative Commons to find images on Google Image (0:30 min) by WhatcomElearning (YouTube)

Other images sites

The sites below host free, creative commons and licensed images for use.

The sites below contain images with no copyright restrictions and no requirement to attribute the source.

Finding the source of an image

How To Do A Reverse Image Search In Google (1:03 min) by The Gooru (YouTube)