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Copyright guide

This is a companion guide to the RMIT Copyright webpages for staff and students.

Copyright and images for teaching

Find out how to use images in Canvas and blended environments for teaching without infringing copyright and putting yourself and RMIT University at risk.

Queries may be directed to Copyright services via email:

Images, Copyright and Canvas (Library Short)

Images, Copyright and Canvas (4:22 mins), RMIT University Library, Microsoft Stream (RMIT login required)

Textbook ancillary materials

Publishers may provide material such as test banks, case studies, PowerPoint slides, and images to instructors accompanying a textbook adopted for a course. These need the publisher’s permission before use in Canvas.

Teaching staff should contact your publishing representative and ask them to email you confirmation that the instructors' resources can be used in your Canvas course. Keep a copy of the email as proof of permission.


Teaching staff must seek copyright permission when taking screenshots from the web to use in teaching materials. When you take a screenshot of a webpage multiple copyright works and other elements (images, text, advertising, logos) are reproduced.  

The educational license allowing the use of images does not cover the taking of screenshots of websites. To use screenshots, the copyright statement, or terms of use on the website, needs to be checked to ensure the use is permitted. At times terms allow the use of screenshots for 'educational purposes'.  When the website terms state 'personal' or 'non-commercial' purposes they mean a single use for a personal purpose. Personal or non-commercial does not include educational use.

If in doubt seek advice from Copyright services via email:

Published works

Photos, diagrams and images from published sources, such as books, journal articles, and the web must be registered with eReserve - why?

RMIT University is bound by an educational licence with the Copyright Agency that sets out how RMIT University staff can use images for learning and teaching purposes. Once the images have been registered, they can be used across the University for learning and teaching purposes in any authenticated teaching technology. 

Note: Images that are Creative Commons licensed, or where website terms allow educational use, do not need to be registered with eReserve.

See how to register images with eReserve.