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Case studies

This guide explains the variety of case studies and how to locate them using Library resources.

Finding case studies from the Library


LibrarySearch is one place to start when looking for case studies.  You can find specialised case study journals, books that include case studies, and articles based on case studies.

Search tips

LibrarySearch does not include Case Study as a resource type. Try using the following search terms (including the inverted commas):  

  • "case study"
  • "case studies"
  • "case stud*"
  • "case report"


Within databases you can often find case studies in journals aimed at academic or professional audiences.

Search tips

  • Check the Advanced Search options to see if you can filter your search by Case Study or Case Studies.  This might be under Document Type or Subjects.
  • In the search results list look for options to refine by Case Study.  This might be to the right or left of the results.
  • Add "case stud*" or "case report" to your search term if you can't see the above two options.

Finding case studies on the web


YouTube videos include material from experts and non-experts on any subject you care to name.

Search tips

  • Add 'case study' to your search.
  • To better filter video content use the main Google search options to search for Videos.  This will return video content hosted by YouTube and elsewhere.
  • You can use Advanced Search via the quick settings in top right corner of search screen and the same Google search tips listed above when searching for videos.


A Google search will find case studies in a variety of formats such as government reports, academic articles and websites.  

Search tips

Use Advanced Search (under Settings) to target your search.

  • Use Region and/or Last Update to filter a specific country and/or time.
  • Use Usage Rights to choose materials free to use, share or modify for teaching.
  • Use Site or Domain to look for materials published by government, Non-government organisations (NGOs) or academic entities: 

.edu  will find materials published in Australia or the US by academic institutions.

.ac will find materials published in the UK by academic institutions.

.gov will find materials published by governments.

.org will find materials published by Non-government organisations (NGOs).

Google Scholar

Find case studies published in academic journals, books and conference proceedings.

Search tips

  • Access Google Scholar from the Library homepage to link through to Library subscribed resources.
  • Add "case study", "case studies" or "case report" to your search terms.

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