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Case studies

This guide explains the variety of case studies and how to locate them using Library resources.

Harvard Business School case studies

The Harvard Business School has produced many business case studies. Many, but not all case studies are published in the Harvard Business Review. Case studies published in the HBR are findable by title in LibrarySearch or via the EBSCOhost Business Source Complete database using the link below:

Select "Search within this publication" at the top left.  Then add your keywords and select Document type to be Case study.

Harvard Business School case studies may appear on the HBR website,, but not be published in the Review itself. These cases are not findable in LibrarySearch. In this situation, a case may be located by searching within the Harvard Business Review Digital Articles database, at the link below:

When linking to a case study that is an HBR digital article, link to the copy found in Harvard Business Review Digital Articles on EBSCOHost. Do not link to a case on, since access limits will cause users to encounter a paywall. If case studies or other material from the Harvard Business School are not available via either of the databases mentioned above, please contact our Teaching Support Services.

Other sources for business case studies

Note: some databases provide Teaching Notes to accompany case studies. These materials are usually restricted to teaching staff. If you have a teaching role at RMIT, and would like access to the Teaching Notes, first create a personal profile or account in the relevant database, then contact the Library at and staff will then organise upgraded access.

Legal case studies

To find information on legal *cases* argued in the courts, see our Law and Justice library guide.