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Digital tools for research

Find information on digital tools to analyse and visualise data and text.

Contact the Library

Help for research staff and HDR students

Researchers can get help from our research support team via the Research Support Request form.

Help for students

All Library users can find assistance through Ask-the-Library online chat.

Useful guides

If you need guidance on storing your research data, and making it accessible to others, consult our Research Data Management guide.

A digital tool valuable to all researchers is having an ORCID id. See details on the benefits and how to get one in our Researcher Profiles guide.

Finding advanced help

The RMIT University Library does not employ specialists in every digital tool. If you require more advanced resources than those in this guide, there are many strategies you can use to locate additional materials.

  • If the tools you are interested in have been in use for a few years, search in LibrarySearch for manuals and guides in book or e-book form.
  • Consult the webpage of the creator of the tool. They will often have both introductory and advanced technical materials about their products.
  • Search for resources created by third parties. Using a search engine, look for websites or video content that offer instructions and tips.
  • Locate online communities that are using the tools. Discussion boards such as Reddit or social media platforms may have active groups that are using digital tools and are willing to share expertise.


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