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Digital tools for research

Find information on digital tools to analyse and visualise data and text.

Introduction to NVivo

NVivo is a software program, developed by Lumivero, that supports researchers in the analysis of qualitative data. Such data can include interviews, survey responses, articles, field notes, social media commentary and web content.

More recently, NVivo has been used to support analytical writing, such as literature and systematic reviews. NVivo allows you to use your literature to identify themes and connect similar literature sources.

Discover NVivo (1:04 mins) by NVivo (YouTube)

Accessing NVivo

NVivo is available via myDesktop, as well as a free download.

Every year, the licence for NVivo expires. There is no need to install the software again. When prompted you simply need to enter the updated licence key from the RMIT NVivo download page. All active projects will be retained in NVivo and you will be able to access those again once you have entered the new licence key.

Key uses of NVivo

What are NVivo's main uses? 

Qualitative data analysis:

  • Allows you to gather, organise and analyse non-numerical data

  • You can import data into NVivo from various resources

  • You can use the data you store in NVivo to create charts, diagrams and reports for data analysis

  • Researchers use NVivo to test theories, identify trends, gather evidence, cross examine data

Literature reviews: 

  • Import resource references from EndNote 

  • Organise your literature by source and format types 

  • Include print resources 

  • Code the literature by major themes 

  • Do text and coding queries to explore various themes 

  • Create visuals to see connections in your literature 

Library NVivo webinars

RMIT University Library has produced a series of Research Plus webinars on NVivo, introducing the software and describing its features.


NVivo: Beginners

NVivo: Beginners - Research Plus (1hr 28 mins), RMIT University Library, Microsoft Stream (RMIT login required)

NVivo: Data analysis

NVivo: Data analysis - Research Plus (1hr 23 mins), RMIT University Library, Microsoft Stream (RMIT login required)

NVivo: Literature review and troubleshooting

NVivo: Literature review and troubleshooting - Research Plus (1hr 22 mins), RMIT University Library, Microsoft Stream (RMIT login required)