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What is referencing?

Transcript for "What is Referencing?" video (RTF)

RMIT University. (2016, November 1). What is Referencing? | RMIT Learning Lab [Video]. YouTube.

Play against the Referencing Ninja

Test your understanding of the importance of referencing. Do you know the consequences if you do not reference properly? Know the two methods of referencing: (i) in-text and (ii) reference list. 

You and the Referencing Ninja play three rounds. You need to match statements by 'dragging and dropping' them into the correct box. It is recommended that you watch the video prior to taking the quiz.

What is referencing?  Will you be a Referencing Ninja?

Referencing Guides

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

Academic Integrity is about honest presentation of your academic work. It means acknowledging the work of others while developing your own insights, knowledge and ideas. RMIT University has set policies and guidelines surrounding assessment practices and plagiarism guidelines which apply to all RMIT University students.

When you submit your assignments, you are required to acknowledge where you obtained the information you have used by referencing your sources. 

There are many referencing styles. Make sure that you know which referencing style your School or lecturer or teacher wants you to use.

RMIT Creds - Academic Integrity Awareness

The self-paced one-hour course is available via the RMIT Creds page (Registration required). The module covers: The academic community ( Module 1) ; Avoiding academic misconduct (Module 2) ; Referencing (Module 3) ; Final activities.

Assessment is via a 20 question quiz and a digital certificate is earned by achieving a score of 80%. The digital certificate states that you can identify instances of academic integrity and misconduct and identify appropriate academic referencing behaviour.


Try this short quiz to test your understanding of some of the myths about plagiarism and academic integrity.

Quiz: Is it plagiarism?





Academic Integrity for Nursing


The Library's EndNote: managing your references page has all the information you need, more specifically: