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Find the best resources on nursing, and know how to effectively search for information for your assignments.

Aged care

Gerontology spans many disciplines such as health, psychology, social services.

Choose search terms and phrases like "health services for the aged", geriatrics, "geriatric nursing", or "aged care nursing" when using LibrarySearch. Be aware of the alternative spelling of ageing - American and Canadians spell it as aging.
If you are looking for psychosocial or psychological theories of ageing, try subjects in LibrarySearch, such as gerontology- philosophy or aging-psychological aspects

Find books on the shelves at: 618.97 (geriatrics) and 618.970231 (geriatric nursing).



Recommended book:

Infection control


Hand Hygiene Australia


ClickView has a wide range of videos on nursing and related subjects. Browse nursing to find examples like these videos.

WHO guidelines on hand hygiene

The World Health Organization provides a thorough review of evidence on hand hygiene in health care and specific recommendations to improve practices and reduce transmission of pathogenic micro-organisms patients and HCWs.

Practical nursing skills

Use LibrarySearch to search for resources on clinical nursing skills. Search using keywords or subject headings as suggested here. Browse our resources on:

Anne Perry, Patricia Potter, Joanne Tollefson, Gabby Koutikidis and Audrey Bergman are some key authors in this field.


Drug information


Diagnostic & Statistical Manual