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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives

This guide provides information and resources for supporting Indigenous knowledge in teaching and research practices.

Getting started

Do you know what country you live and work on?  Visit AIATSIS to explore a Map of Indigenous Australia representing language groups across the continent. An understanding of your local context is critical to good engagement with Indigenous knowledge.

Researchers from other diverse cultures need to stop conducting research ‘on’ First Nations communities and instead work ‘with’ them to gain knowledge. The following article published in The Conversation explains how researchers from other diverse cultures can best establish relationships with First Nations people when conducting research in their communities.

Ethics and guidelines


The AIATSIS Act (1989) mandates the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) to provide leadership in the field of ethics and protocols for research related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and collections.


Australia Council for the Arts

Indigenous Evaluation Strategy

Lowitja Institute