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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives

This guide provides information and resources for supporting Indigenous knowledge in teaching and research practices.

Acknowledgement and citation

"Indigenous peoples’ rights are, by definition, collective rights… The international community clearly affirms that Indigenous peoples require recognition of their collective rights as peoples to enable them to enjoy human rights" (United Nations, 2013, p. 7).


United Nations. Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner. (2013). Indigenous Peoples and the United Nations Human Rights System fact sheet No.9/Rev.2.

Academic citation styles generally fit within Western understanding of knowledge creation, and privilege individual or corporate ownership of intellectual property.  First Nations people may prioritise collective ownership of knowledge - Nation, Clan, Language Group or Community may therefore need acknowledgement as well, as or instead, of individuals.

There are no universally accepted guidelines so always seek consultation with First Nations individuals or groups you are referencing for their preferred forms of acknowledgement.  The following resources might get you started, but they are not definitive.