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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives

This guide provides information and resources for supporting Indigenous knowledge in teaching and research practices.

Methodologies and methods

Let’s celebrate and share the sophistication, richness, and leadership of Australia’s First Peoples within the scientific domain.
Janke, T. (2021). True Tracks: Respecting Indigenous Knowledge and Culture. University of New South Wales Press

While academic research in the past has drawn heavily on Western research methodologies and methods, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture brings unique perspectives to knowledge production and the process of conducting research. The National Indigenous Research and Knowledges Network (NIRAKN) outline the essential characteristics of several Indigenous methodologies which include research frameworks such as - Indigenous Standpoint Theory, Kaupapa Maori, Indigenous Heuristic Action Research and Indigenous Women's Standpoint Theory, just to name a few (NIRAKN, 2023). 

Alongside these methodologies, there are Indigenous methods of conducting research, such as Sharing circles, Ganma, Dadirri, Pathway and others (NIRAKN, 2023; Drawson, A.S., Toombs, E., & Mushquash, C. J. 2017).

The video Indigenous research methodologies and Country/Place - Community of Practice, a presentation hosted by Sydney Policy Lab, discusses several concepts relating to Indigenous research methodologies.


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Further resources

These websites and books provide more information on Indigenous methodologies and methods and where they might be appropriately used.

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