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RMIT University Library Special Collection

Find information on how to use the Library's Special Collection. Explore the diverse content within the collection

What items are included in the RMIT University Library Special Collection?

The Special Collection is not currently open to appointments as of 17 March 2020

The Library's Special Collection is home to:

  • Material relating to the history and development of RMIT University Library and its collections
  • Items published before 1900
  • Outstanding examples of book production, such as significant illustrative or other graphic material
  • Items of high cost and/or high value 
  • Limited editions of not more than 100 copies
  • Items with significant provenance (history or ownership)
  • Irreplaceable material
  • Artists' books
  • Vulnerable resources
  • RMIT University theses with extra materials - for example DVDs, videos and slides (prefix: THR)

The RMIT University Library Special Collection strengths

The Library's Special Collection represents particular strengths within:

  • Architecture (prefix: SPE ARC)
  • Art (prefix: SPE ART)
  • Cookery & Home Economics (prefix: SPEC MAC)
  • Fashion & Textiles (prefix: SPE FAS)
  • Chiropractic & Osteopathy (prefix: SPE OST)
  • Printing (prefix: SPE PRI)

To view the layout of the Special Collection room, please refer to the map below (also available in the Special Collection room).

Library's Special Collection location

RMIT University Library Special Collection is NOT currently available for appointment as of 17 MARCH 2020. 

Swanston Library

Building 8, Level 5 (enter via Building 10 level 5)

360 Swanston St

Melbourne 3000

Telephone: (03) 9925 2020

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