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Assignments: get started

Use the Library to get started with your assessment

Organising and keeping track of your research

FolderTaking the time to organise and keep track of the information you find will allow you to spend more time researching and writing your assessments and less time looking for resources. This will result in higher quality assessments.

This section covers some of the tools available to manage information:

  • Use LibrarySearch and Library databases to save searches and results,  This will help you to easily find them again and provide a record of the keywords you have tried.
  • Collect the citation details that you'll need to reference all the sources used in your assignment.
  • If you are working with a large number of information sources, a reference manager can help with collecting, storing and organising your references.  See the Referencing section of this guide for more information.

LibrarySearch Tips

Log in to LibrarySearch to take advantage of the time-saving options available.

  • Pin useful search results to your Favourites
  • Save the searches that give you the best results
  • Copy the citation details for your reference list.

Many library databases include options to save searches, set up alerts, and export citations.

The image below shows a search results page in LibrarySearch.  Click on the hotspots (+) to discover more about using LibrarySearch to keep track of your searches and results.


Watch this video for a demonstration of how to use LibrarySearch to pin favourites, save searches, and set up notifications.

RMIT University Library (19 November 2021) ‘Organising and keeping track of your research in LibrarySearch’ [video], RMIT University Library, YouTube website, accessed 22 February 2023.