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Inclusive teaching resources: Home

This subject guide provides resources, exemplars, and key questions to support staff design, deliver and assess using an inclusive approach.

About this Guide

This guide houses practical resources to support teaching staff to implement inclusive teaching approaches.  

The Guide is organised around the six Principles for inclusive teaching. The Principles offer a broad, overarching framework which you can apply across all disciplines, student cohorts and modes of delivery.   The strategy pages offer practical suggestions to support implementation of the Principles.

On each  page of this Guide you will find:

  • Principles for inclusive teaching 
  • Strategies for inclusive teaching
  • Key questions
  • Exemplars to support inclusive approaches
  • Teaching materials to use in your classroom
  • Links to useful resources


Inclusive Teaching & Assessment webpage

The Inclusive Teaching & Assessment webpage  gives an overview of the approaches informing the Principles for Inclusive Teaching.  

Inclusive teaching

There are many definitions to describe inclusive teaching, and many ways of being an inclusive practitioner.  

Meeting the potential of every learner

within a diversity of learners 

Learn how these RMIT academics ensure their teaching is inclusive using a variety of strategies and activities including team work, case studies, group contracts and safe spaces to ensure their students are given every opportunity to meet their full potential.  

Inclusive Teaching at RMIT

Meeting the potential of every learner within 'a diversity of learners'

As a global university, RMIT students come with a diverse range of backgrounds, learning needs, prior experiences, values, beliefs and aspirations. 

Underpinned by theories of Universal Design, student-centred learning and inclusive pedagogies, the Principles and Strategies for Inclusive Teaching have been developed to support teaching staff to design, deliver and assess across a diverse student cohort. 




"Universities exist to serve community and the community is our students"

Professor James Arvanitakis RMIT,

December 2013

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