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Inclusive teaching resources: Build a Community of Learners

This subject guide provides resources, exemplars, and key questions to support staff design, deliver and assess using an inclusive approach.

Activities to get students talking

Using quotes to motivate

"High expectations are the key to everything"

Sam Walton

Sharing your favourite quotes or getting students to share their favourite quotes is a way of getting to know what is important to us, what drives us, and reminds us to look at the bigger picture.   

Check out these YouTube links for some ideas:

Inclusive Teaching & Assessment Webpage

Build a community of learners - James' story

'Effective teachers know who their students are,
and value and respect their contributions.'

James builds community among his learners through explicit design of peer learning experiences. His students work in groups on problems and grade the contribution of their peers on a weekly basis; building responsibility in all learners to contribute to the learning and be part of his learning community.

For more stories about inclusive teaching approaches go to Snapshots of Inclusive Teaching Practice.

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KEY QUESTIONS: Build a community of learners

  • What do I know about the students I teach?
  • How am I building a relationship with my students?
  • How do I allow students to get to know each other?
  • How do I ensure students feel safe within the learning environment?

Working in collaborative groups

Opportunities for collaborative activities teach students how to effectively and respectfully work together and how to take responsibility for their own work as well as for the learning of their peers.  

Incorporating collaborative learning strategies into your program also provides students with an opportunity to 'construct' their own learning by actively making connections and organising learning into concepts and constructs that are meaningful to them.

Community of Inquiry

Dr Vanessa Cooper from the School of Business IT and Logistics shares the creation of a Community of Inquiry (CoI) teaching model that encourages students to engage with the curriculum, their peers and the teacher in face-to-face and online environments; and provision of industry-relevant curriculum and learning resources that are interlinked with formative and summative assessment to enable students to contribute to and maximize their learning outcomes.

Summary of Implementation of COI in Knowledge Management Course

Facilitate a safe learning environment for students

To be successful, all learners must feel safe in the learning environment. 

Developing a social contract