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OpenAthens - our new authentication system

We are changing the system that manages access to the Library's licensed online resources. Here you will find information about the change and how it is likely to affect you.

UPDATE 23/1/2024: EZproxy functionality ceases entirely in February

While many links have been automatically updated as part of the changeover, educators should check links outside Canvas like presentations, files, PDFs, bookmarks, Teams, SharePoint sites as well as any referencing software which may have '' in a URL.

Reminder: Canvas and Reading List links have been automatically updated however educators are encouraged to check these.

EZproxy will cease to function in February. Users will see the error message below if they use an EZproxy link and are encouraged to use the link generator to update their links.

Ezproxy error message for URL links containing ''

Embedded videos in Canvas

The new library authentication system, OpenAthens, does not allow for embedding videos sourced from particular Library subscribed platforms within Canvas modules. Public platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, etc. are still able to be embedded in Canvas and are not affected.

Videos from the following platforms can no longer be embedded:

  • Alexander Press
  • DocuSeek
  • Informit's EduTV
  • JoVE
  • Kanopy
  • SafetyHub

2023 courses with embedded Library videos that no longer work have been identified. Course coordinators with affected embedded links will be notified by the library team. However, we recommend you test any embedded links for the listed platforms that may have been missed.

Videos from Henry Stewart Talks, also known as HSTalks, will work however, embedded links need to be updated. LinkedIn Learning embedded links must be generated by users with a LinkedIn profile. Information on how to update links, create a profile for LinkedIn, as well as further information on embedding videos has been added to the Videos in Canvas library guide. 

If you require assistance, please contact

Authenticate your links

Convert existing link

Use the Link Generator to convert the outdated ‘’ links.

Create new authenticated link

To create new authenticated links to Library resources, use this dedicated: OpenAthens Link Generator.

LibrarySearch links have been updated to authenticate with OpenAthens. We recommend using LibrarySearch links first and only using this link generator if this is not possible.

First time users, please note

  • Always test your new link. The Link Generator does not check if the link is valid, or whether it will work with OpenAthens.
  • There are some links with EZproxy which do not need to authenticate via OpenAthens. EZproxy ( is removed from these links.
  • If your OpenAthens link does not work, please contact

Resources excluded from the OpenAthens authentication

You should still run EZproxy versions of these links through the link generator.

  • Google scholar  
  • EBSCOHost
  • ProQuest
  • Lexis Advance
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Clickview
  • Kanopy

Resources which don't support deep linking

Selected resources support authentication via Open Athens but do not then land on specific content pages. Instead, after authentication they will land on the resource home page. One way of managing this in Canvas is to have one link dedicated for authenticating. This link should have an instruction to authenticate first. Then have the subsequent content links. Example:

  • Link 1 - place this on each page with a WARC link.
    Authenticate to WARC

    Once the authenticated session to WARC is active then deep links will work
    Link 2 
    WARC Global Ad trends (remember to authenticate to WARC first using above)
    (Note that ezproxy has been removed from the URL and the hyphens in the base url converted back to dots.)

  • Databases in this category include:

    • Elsevier eLibrary

    • Therapeutic guidelines

    • UpToDate

    • WARC


The link generator was developed at Swinburne University Library.

Canvas links

As part of the changeover, the Library has updated access links for resources in Reading Lists and Canvas shells. Please note however this process will not correct links which are already broken and there may be some links that need to be updated manually. Any Canvas links created after 4 October 2023 will not be included in this change and will need to be manually updated (see below for instructions).


How to find broken links?

All links containing '' in the URL will no longer work.

If you have any links in Canvas that include 'ezproxy.lib' that haven't been updated, you will need to replace the link by using the OpenAthens Authenticated Link Generator.

If you are unsure or require assistance, please contact

Reading list links

Reading List links have been automatically updated. If you do encounter a broken link, you will need to manually replace your links in the Reading List. You can do this by using the OpenAthens Authenticated Link Generator.

If you need assistance in using the OpenAthens link generator, please contact the Online Learning & Teaching Team via