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International Students: Tips for Educators and Students

Resources and links to support for international students and their educators.

Welcome Back to International Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on higher education and its students. The impact has been particularly difficult for our international students, many of whom have had their studies delayed and may not have been in a classroom or used English language skills since before the pandemic. The last couple of years have also presented unprecedented challenges for educators who have been working tirelessly to continue providing great educational experiences for all students of RMIT.

In this guide, you will find links to support and resources that should make the transition into a post-pandemic world easier for both educators and students. There are services and resources for teachers who need support, and resources and tips that educators can share with their international students who may need extra support with learning throughout their higher education journeys. 

To begin with, you will find resources targeted towards educators of international students. The resources targeted towards the students themselves are in three categories: resources for English language development, resources for successful communication and collaboration at a tertiary level, and resources for academic expectations of students at RMIT. On the last page, you will find links to vital support services for international students. The links on this support page will be of more importance than ever for international students navigating through their studies in a post-pandemic Australia. 

Welcome back.